Checking Django version.

If you are using Django and wish to check what version it is using you can issue the following from the command line in linux.


import django

print django.VERSION

This will launch python, and you should be at a prompt such as  >>> .  Enter the next 2 commands.  To exit python press CTRL-D.

On a side note if you wish to know the python version also run the following:

python -V

Broadcom wireless drivers in MeeGo 1.1 and above

(Update 6-12-2011:  Meego 1.2 was released on 5-19-2011, and nothing has changed in this setup, so this guide still applies to getting your broadcom wireless chipset to run.  Thus why it it named “.. and above” )

So you are running the newest Meego OS for your netbook, ( wait you are not?  Then you should! ) and you have a netbook using a Broadcom wireless device you will see wireless does not work.  Well since Meego (and Moblin before that) is in part a project of Intel, only Intel chipsets are supported out of the box (which is a very large number of netbooks).  But if you are like me and own an HP netbook (1030NR) then the Broadcom chipset for wireless will not work and you need to find or build your own driver.

In the past I had looked to and Andy Bleaden for help with this issue.   Slaine would build his own driver and provide it to users to install.  While Andy, did very nice job showing how to build your own.  And using this method it will always work without waiting for someone to compile some drivers and package them.

So here I am today.  Meego just pushed out 1.1.4.  This included a new Linux kernel also.  Which means my wifi no longer works.  So I am writing this as a more copy and paste (with some manual changes) to allow me to rebuild the driver and install it again quickly.  (If you want pictures go see Andy Bleaden’s blog).


First make sure to hook up the network for a wired ethernet connection (remember wireless doesnt work) and for good measure make sure you have the power adapter pluged in (dont want it to die on you in the middle of your work).  Now open a terminal up. (Applications -> System Tools)

Next go ahead and download the Broadcom drivers from their website DRIVERS ( ) It would be useless to link to this as they will change, but as of this post the current ones are file name hybrid-portsrc_x86_32-v5_100_82_38.tar.gz .  Keep in mind where you downloaded this driver.  By default it should be in /home/your-username/Downloads .  If you used wget then whatever folder you were in as you ran the command.

Now for some commands (in the boxes with what the command does on the next line):

cd /home/your-username/Downloads

(switch to the folder you downloaded the driver in)

sudo zypper dist-upgrade

(make sure you are up to date)

sudo zypper install make gcc diffutils kernel-netbook-devel patch

(get the tools to be able to build the driver)

mkdir wireless

(make a folder to work in)

mv hybrid-portsrc_x86_NEW_VERSION_NUMBER.tar.gz  wireless/

(move the driver to the wireless folder)

tar xzf  hybrid-portsrc_x86_NEW_VERSION_NUMBER.tar.gz

(extract the driver from the compressed archive, protip: type hyb and hit tab)

make clean


 (start fresh and then create the wireless driver)

uname -r

(this will give you the linux kernel number you are currently running)

sudo cp wl.ko /lib/modules/KERNEL_VERSION_FROM_ABOVE/kernel/net/wireless/

(copy the new driver to the wireless folder for the kernel, ie

sudo depmod -a

(kernel dependency stuff)

sudo modprobe wl

(load the module for the driver into the kernel)

You should see right away you now have wireless!  (no reboot needed)  Now the next time Meego updates you can quickly and easily get your wireless up and running again using the official Broadcom drivers.


Welcome to my lil piece of the net.  From time to time I will post useful or interesting tech bits, humor, links, and anything else that strikes my interest.  Most will be centered around Linux with some Windows thrown in (no Macs unless I am talking bad about them 😉 )  Stay tuned as this site starts to grow.